Friday, January 1, 2010

Free Runescape Membership Method one Steps


This is a site where they pay you 50c, $1 or $1.50 for every review you write. They pay you 10c for grading a site (A, B, C, D, or E) too so you can do this both at once.

Now how do you write a comment? Its simple. Sign in and click on products. Now click on one product and click add comment.

Now heres the trickier part. You become naturally good with this part with more practice. This website actually checks your comments and approves it or not. So if you write a comment very poorly, they won't give you money and they will give you a warning. 10 warnings and you get banned. So try to avoid this otherwise you can kiss your free runescape membership goodbye. Not really actually, there are other methods to get free runescape membership.

So here is the steps to write a perfect comment which won't get deleted.

Firstly I will show you the difference between a poorly written comment and a good one.

Poorly written comment : I love this product. It is the best product ever, it teaches you the most amazing things to making money. I would definately recommend this to everyone since it is very good and it is cheap too! I am very grateful for buying this product.


Good comment : I love this product since it teaches you many awesome techniques to making money and not much people know about them. When I bought it, I knew it teaches amazing things to make money cause soon I made up to $100 a day with it. I would definately recommend this to everyone due to it's cheap price and the effectiveness of the product. Their customer support is very kind too and they reply to your mail in less than 24 hours!


See the difference? Saying 'this product is great' is not enough. You have to say 'this product is great because...................' and just make up the rest. You can make up everything.

Ok here are my steps to writing a good comment. After this, you will be one step closer to getting your free runescape membership.

Firstly grade the product.
Firstly grade the product.

Step 1. Say if it is a good or bad product
Step 2. Give 2-3 reasons to why it is a good or bad product - make it up completely! If its a money making product say some thing like:
'it is a good product because the techniques it teaches are very rare + if done correctly, you will get thousands of visitors to you site.
Note: Don't say something like ' its a good product because it helps you sales and its effective - needs more details.
Step 3. Comment on how the product changed you (give 2 examples) - so if it is a money making product, say 'my sales doubled when i bought this product.'
Step 4. Comment on customer support. Say if they reply to your mails fast, slow or never and say if they are kind or not.
Step 5. Say if you recommend this to other people or not and say if it is cheap or not.
Step 6. Give it a rating out of 10.

And thats all :)

And thats all :)

Once you reach $20 on your account (only takes 1-3 hours once you get used to it), just click on profile then cashout. Its really simple! Goodluck!

I will be introducing my next method on how to get free runescape membership in a week so stay tuned :)

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